The DEWA “Solar Innovation Centre” will be a science convention and visitors centre, showcasing the Mohammed bin Rashid Solar Park and its facilities highlighting it as part of Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030. The centre will be host to Solar Technologies, its history, application and evolution as an essential energy generator.


Renewable energies are ways to generate energy from unlimited natural resources.  These resources are either available with no time limit or replenish more quickly than the rate at which they are consumed. Renewable energies are generally spoken of as opposed to fossil fuel energies.  The fossil fuels are most known examples of these resources are coal, oil, and natural gas.  The renewable energy sources would come from solar rays, wind, geothermal or water cycles on an unlimited scale of time.  Renewable energy can be used for electricity generation, space, and water heating and cooling. Most if not all the buildings are adopting Solar Energy by the use of photovoltaic, hot water solar power for space heating and domestic water heating.


Achieving Net Zero Energy Building 

The future is just beginning.  At TJEG we optimize every project to achieve Net Zero Energy considering the budget and rate of return to achieve the best value for the project in the long term.  We have successfully achieved high-performance building by minimizing the use of fossil fuels and the use of renewable energy to achieve this goal.

To achieve Net Zero Energy buildings, optimization of building energy efficiency by reducing the energy used by lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems combined with renewable energy generation to consume only as much as can be produced onsite through renewable energy.


Solar Energy

Solar Photovoltaics is the most versatile to use in buildings where solar energy is used to generate electricity.  Solar panel technology has been moving at a rapid pace making them more efficient and thus taking less valuable roof space from the buildings and generating more power.

Solar thermal energy generation of heating hot water for heating and domestic hot water heating.


Carbon Neutral

To achieve Carbon Neutral Building is when there is no production of carbon emissions derived from a product such as fuel-fired hot water boilers.  Instead, electric boilers are being used with a provision of providing enough power to run on solar energy.